domingo, 25 de dezembro de 2005

Death Dies

Roll your death dies
and hope not to die

Death is inevitable
so why run away
let us keep together
until the death's kiss isn't came

gaze the blank
and wait for the shadow
that will cover your eyes.
these will never see again

let silence take your ears.
these will never hear again

and these silent lips
that used to whiffle sores
will never sigh again

Withdrawn he'd sit there
Stare blank into space
No sign of life
Would flicker on his face
Until one day he smiled
It seemed as though with pride
The wind kissed him
Goodbye - and then he died

(Blind Guardian - Beyond The Realms Of Death)

This world is a cruel place
and we're here only to lose
so before life tears us apart
let death bless me with you

(HIM - Join Me In Death)

I can't take pain enough and I run
I can't bleed fast enough
I can't die dead enough

(Megadeth - Die Dead Enough)

not one day goes by that i don't realize
i know that no one will never know
where the flowers go when they are gone
not one day goes by that i don't know that i'm dying

(VAST - I'm Dying)